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About the Work

Fox Theatre is inspired by San Francisco's forgotten and infamous Fox Theatre building, originally situated at 1350 Market Street. A city landmark designed by the noted theater architect, Thomas W. Lamb. The Fox was considered the world's finest theatre! It was built in the 1920's by a movie pioneer, William Fox, as a showcase for his films  of the Fox Film Corporation along with elaborate stage shows.  It was one of a group of five spectacular Fox Theatres built by Fox in the late 1920s. (The others were the Fox Theatres in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Detroit, and St. Louis).

The Fox Theatre opened in 1929 with the premiere of "Behind That Curtain", a Charlie Chan movie produced by William Fox. The theater was closed and demolished in 1963 due to financial difficulties. On June 28, 1959, a 30th anniversary celebration took place with the screening of the 20th Century-Fox film "Say One for Me" with Bing Crosby and Debbie Reynolds. Now located at the site is the tall and unattractive Fox Plaza, a high-rise building with offices and apartments. I wished this theatre was still here! 

Fox Theatre

By Patricia Araujo

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